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2sday’s Giveaway’s on 2Modern

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests, Sustainability


This week our 2sday giveaway is our best yet! Modern, functional and Eco-made…One Gallery Stool (light Maple), by Hightower.
To Enter:

1. Become a Facebook Fan! Click 'BECOME A FAN' on our Facebook wall.

2. On Tuesday, write a comment under the prize when it appears on our Facebook Wall.

Prizes will be awarded randomly…and winners will be announced each Wednesday morning. Tell your friends about 2sdays! The more popular it becomes, the more prizes we will give away.

**Please note that prizes can only be sent to locations within the Continental US.

One Comment to "2sday’s Giveaway’s on 2Modern"

  1. I wish us Canadian readers could take advantage!

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