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Do you ever feel like you see a recurring theme in design which in turn inspires you? Not a ‘trend’ per say…something you happen to notice… consistently in a short period of time…and you find yourself hooked?


I attended the Newport Beach Flim Festival this weekend and saw a short on the making and design of the Aqua building in Chicago.
A collaborative effort headed and designed by Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architects.
I knew of this building…How could you miss it if you visited Chicago in recent years. What’s neat about good documentaries is getting the real dirt of a story and leaving with a sense of inspiration.
And then Cribcandy featured this table by Vercelli and this layered, topographical design resonated with me again…
Something I had not thought of but like…plate by kyouei design. The texture possibilities with this design inspiration are endless!
hm..and then this chair by James Doulas…curiouser, and curiouser…
This Stalac table by The Practice Of Everyday Design is still one my favorite finds in recent months. Can’t wait to see what this design team has up their sleeves. They are pumping out very innovative concepts right out of University…

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