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The blog world is full of goodies spotted at Salone in Milan this week!


Wait..it's never too old to have one right? This Modern Dollhouse was featured on Curbly and I have sent the link to everyone I know, including Santa…check the link to read the details.

Stunning! I want to touch these lights just as much as I feel the need to blow the petals of a dandelion in the grass. 
Check out all of the great finds that MoCo Loco is featuring from Salone, on their site. They have hit the ground running in Milan and updates are frequent…

I loved this chair from the moment I saw it…Found it on Daily Icon I also happen to really like the name of that blog. It reminds me of how every day I find my new favorite something that I covet for at least 24 hours…

Sunset magazine introduces these lovely botany vases by Rae Dunn. Splendid!

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