Postcard Gardens

Modern Decor

When it comes to adorable letterbox surprises, there are few things that would be more welcome in my own little letterbox than these amazing Postcarden designs. The clever combination of Postcard + Gardens is the work of London-based A Studio for Design, with the first series of three featuring the work of Krista Nyberg, Millie Harvey and Sophie Burdess.

[Botanical by Krista Nyberg]

[City by Millie Harvey]

[Allotment by Sophie Burdess]

Both greeting card and gift rolled into one perfect green package, I’m so envious of all you EU folk who’ll be able to get your hands on these in no time! Australia’s strict quarantine laws will keep these little guys out for a while yet, but fingers crossed, one day in the not-too-distant future I’ll find my own tiny Botanical plot sitting in my letterbox, waiting for some love!


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