2Modern Design Brief

Modern Decor

Many orbital shaped things + marvelous design!


1. Beautiful Fish stool found on MoCo Loco. There is more and a brief about the exhibit showcasing a bunch of beautifully casted items.

2. In honor of egg decorating and the many who will indulge in this tradition these next few days, I spotted these gorgeous egg cups on Apartment Therapy. A beautiful way to serve hard boiled eggs both the fancy and not so fancy sort.

3. Can you imagine starting your day here? If I find myself traveling to Puerto Rico, I am definitely visiting La Concha in San Juan… The entire resort is featured on Casa Diseno.

I am always so inspired by Architecture that takes on organic shapes. Before Architecture school I always wondered 'how'd they do that?'…now I question, 'how'd they think of that?'….
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