Kaffe 1668

Art & Design

Megan Cummins has brought together the perfect combination of label design and infographics for Kaffe 1668, a Manhattan coffee and tea company. Design synergy!

"I recently did work for a start-up tea & coffee company in
downtown Manhattan. They were on a very tight budget and needing
everything to be printed from their standard 8.5×11 printer. One
particular challenge of branding them was the packaging for their line
of teas. They had over 20 teas in 6 varieties, each with their own
unique description, health benefits, and brewing instructions. Needless
to say, it was a fun challenge in "real-world" information design
applied to packaging. I was able to arrange all of the necessary
information on single labels which they adhered to the stock bags they
had. The labels were small enough to fit two per standard letter size
paper- saving not only money, but also trees!"


What a great job solving the design brief and coming up with some bad-ass labels for the packaging.



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