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Hanging Garden

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, Sustainability


Having seen the earlier posts this week on Vertical Farming and Falling Garden reminded me of these Sky Planters I came across at A+R.    Award-winning, New Zealand-raised Patrick Morris values the natural world and its conservation as much as Morris Designs strives for the betterment of human environments and offers a new way of enjoying plants with his revolutionary process.





The Antipode Planter offers not only another way of growing plants but also seeing them.  As they hang from the ceiling instead of standing on the floor.  Did I just walk into a Dali painting? A locking disc holds the soil and plant in place, and an innovative reservoir system that both conserve water and your personal time gradually hydrating a plant's roots. Put on your anti-gravity boots.   One looks lonely, interesting, but lonely, while a grouping brings a new twist to the term “hanging garden”. 

Have an infinitely modern day!

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