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Am I the only one who's noticed a "rural modern" trend recently?  It's an interesting subset of modernism that I find refreshing.  If you lean more towards this type of aesthetic, definitely check out Furniturea, a furniture company based out of Portland, Maine.  Their pieces reflect that sort of hand crafted look and feel of certain 50s and 60s trends, but with a fresh twist and a sense of cheerfulness.  I really love the playful lines and angles of their pieces.  And their color options are fantastic!


Furniturea designs and builds colorful, contemporary painted hardwood
furniture and home accessories in Portland, Maine. Our rural modern
style is inspired by the traditional forms of rural Maine architecture
and the decorative arts, re-imagined in a modern cast and imbued with a
whimsical spirit. Custom designs and custom colors to order.


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  1. modern furniture

    Aug 27, 2012 at 2:02 am

    Rural Modern Furniture is really good, and their color options are fantastic. These designs are based on the ruler furniture and looking beautiful.

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