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Need a lift?  After you are done driving for the day in a crowded city, imagine not only having a coveted  assigned parking space but a garage that lifts your car and your spirits, from the street to your modern luxury high-rise condo with you still in it?   It is a daily amusement park ride for adults.  Okay, wealthy adults.  


A built in transponder locates and stops at your floor while you are still seated.  Increases security, no struggling for parking and easy to unload groceries are just a few of the benefits other than being an exciting concept. 



CarLoft® is a pioneering modular loft scheme with a garden and a garage on every floor.  All these brand-new luxury flats come with at least one adjacent parking space known as the CarLoggia, reached via the CarLift.  



The popular Paul-Lincke-Ufer in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin is where you can find the CarLoft® underway.   Coming soon to a large German city near you.   Seat belts required.

Have an infinitely modern day!

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