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2Modern Design Talk is pleased to offer a new feature to our readers-'2Modern Design Brief'.

Let's face it, there is a LOT to take in every day. Cool products, Modern events and trends to emulate…

We bring the blog hunting right here… a 'brief' of what we have found. Call it condensed coolness or a rapid rundown of the design world…either way, enjoy the extra hours we are giving back to you!


New Yorkers and visitors -don't miss this one! Design USA in collaboration with design firm 2×4 present a phenomenal exhibition honoring winners of the National Design Awards. Featuring achievements in art, architecture, interior design and product design, this exhibition runs through April 4th 2010!
-info courtesy of NY Art Beat.


Okay- seriously…I love this stuff! I have always been oddly into play dough…the smell, the texture, the possibilities of creation. I think I might try to buy this stuff by the gallons. Modern colors, eco-friendly, edible…you know you want to try it too!
courtesy of Cool Hunting.


Graffiti inspired design seems to be everywhere these days! This is has got to be one of the most brilliant blends of street and mod I have seen so far.-Thank you Desire to Inspire! A great feature of this beautifully modern home by Gary Hutton… good find for sure!
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