A Bridge Across the Landscape

Architecture & Interiors

Project: The Glenburn House, Victoria, Australia by Sean Godsell Architects.

The house fits to the landscape like a glove.  The roof deck acts like a bridge that connects the tops of two small hills.  The exterior covered in a screen of Cor-ten steel, whose natural rust recalls the colors of the surrounding landscape. The submerged form of the house, protects it from the winds and minimizes its exposure to the sun.   Picture 16
The screen of the exterior creates a delicate pattern that also shades the glazing of the house, lowering the heat gain on the exterior.  Gh-sg4
The span of the structure allows the interior to be open within minimal interior walls.  The long linear space is carefully sliced up into rooms by glazed partitions.  This creates a deep depth of field that pulls the eye across the house.
The structural columns are pulled from the corners of the house, so that the outside appears to bleed into the interior.  This reinforcing the connection between the house and it’s landscape.

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