An American classic manufactured in the land of classics


Merrell Wilderness Hiking Boots - Men's

Cortina d'Ampezzo by HdB1973.

Dolomites photo by HdB1973

Merrell's Wilderness Hiking Boots are one of those items that were founded on such a sound and simple idea, the thought that form should follow function and that quality should transcend quantity, are still around after having existed in one form or another for almost a century. Made of incredibly high quality black leather with a nod to aesthetics contrasting blue laces and a white collar in the Italian Dolomites, boots like this have been made for ages. Functional items that perform their chosen function extremely well, that also bother to look good while doing it, seem to at some point in their existence earn the title classic. Merrell's wilderness boots perfectly fit the afore mentioned statement. Long live simplicity that has a strong sense of function and an imaginative sense of visual appeal.

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