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Parrot by Starck

If you love music, then you know how important creating the ultimate listening experience can be. And most likely, you're willing to go to the ends of the earth to achieve the ultimate sound. If you fall into this category (I believe the experts call these people audiophiles) then you'll love the Zikmu speakers from Parrot by Philippe Starck. Not only are they gorgeous specimens of listening innovation, they're also wireless! No more hideous speaker wires laying about the floorboards of your apartment! Now because of the built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies, music can be transmitted through the ether and emitted through the speaker (excuse the rhyme). Plus, the Zikmus also feature NXT technology, which makes room placement a no-brainer — sound automatically adapts to the acoustics of the room. And as is becoming requisite, they also feature an iPod/iPhone docking station. Of course, as expected, these beauties aren't cheap. At $1600 they might set you back a bit, but then again, music's never sounded so good.

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