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Tim Burton Magic and Mania

Categories: Art + Graphics

Tim Burton at MoMA by Trish Mayo.

Tim Burton Exhibition by Trish Mayo

The Tim Burton Exhibit at MoMA NYC by djtomdog.

Tim Burton exhibition at MoMa, NYC by djtomdog

Sketch of Digital Video "Tim Burton MoMA Spot" (2009) by navema.

 Photo of a Tim Burton sketch by navema

There was total chaos at the Tim Burton Exhibition at MoMa NYC (up thorugh April 26th) due to a non-presentation of proper procedure, at least not visually (and in an art museum nonetheless!) When dealing with the confused and misdirected crowds only wishing to view Burton's work, a loud and Nazi like woman of the fatherland, perhaps a reincarnation of Eva Braun, yelled out loudly, "It's time to make a decision people!" Those with a membership card were ushered directly in with a warm pat on the butt and a pillow mint, I thought class segregation had ended when we left the continent. We decided to stay anyway, can't pass up Tim Burton, it was as fantastic as his movies.

Catch this inspiring interview of Tim Burton on Charlie Rose, having never heard him speak before at any length the interview is very informative and stirring.

Sneak Peak at Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 

Also of note, Tim Burton was recently named as 2010 Cannes Head Judge

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