The Folklore of Sanna Annukka

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If you have not already seen, Sanna Annukka is one of the most brilliant Finnish designers to step onto the world stage this year (well 2009). She is inspired by Finnish "forests, lakes and wildlife" especially of Lapland (the area in northern Finland, Sweden & Norway).  Sanna Annukka also takes inspiration from the folklore stories of Finland called The Kalevala.

Check out these beautiful designs:

The special edition coffee tin for the Finnish coffee brand Paulig. Gorgeous reds!


A maiden motif that appears in many of her creations. You can buy Sanna Annukka's silk screen prints at mydeco, the online furniture store. The prints are a little pricy but well worth it.


Designing for Marimekko (find Marimekko shops to buy the 2009 collection). Oh the beautiful blues!


With bright colors and block print styles, her designs can turn any place into something magical, yet Nordic chic.

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