Streamlined Kitchen Designs

Modern Decor

The SieMatic S2 Kitchen is streamlined and sophisticated.  All of the extras are creatively hidden within this minimalist kitchen.

All images provided by KONST SieMatic


Notice there are no exposed handles or hanging light fixtures.

Cabinets designed to appear flush with the wall are sleek and unobtrusive .  I love the high gloss doors as a contrast to the matt walls and counter finish.  The lighting is neatly tucked into the ceiling using a specialty track system that allows the light to “graze” the cabinet fronts while remaining slightly hidden.


The new premium interior system offers stackable porcelain storage containers and wooden boxes to maximize your storage space.  You can even custom label the porcelain lids with a pencil.
This kitchen appears to be a comfortable living room too.  The multi-media tall cabinet allows you to incorporate your TV, DVD, CD, and even internet access into the design while remaining just as sleek and modern.
I wonder if this kitchen would promote a less hectic lifestyle?
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