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Rustic modernism, sounds like an oxymoron, but Swiss architect Lauren Savoiz, plays with the aesthetic tension in his renovation of the Roduit House, in Chamoson, Switzerland.  Savoiz renovated the existing stone building restoring the stone walls of the first floor and replacing the old timber framing of the second floor with poured in place concrete.  Savoiz left the texture from the wood formwork on the surface of the concrete which lightly recalls the rustic texture of the first story walls.  By eliminating roof eaves and creating deep cut, crisp edged opening, Savoiz creates a very minimalist yet traditional form. Picture 21

The stonework of the house echos the stone cliffs which loom behind it.  From some angles the house almost disappears into its rocky background. Picture 19

The interior presents the inverse play of smooth modern verse rough traditional surfaces.  This time it is the smooth concrete which predominates and contrasts with the stone walls left unfinished. Once again, Savoiz keeps the shapes crisp and modern in a neutral grey of the raw materials, but then domesticates the spaces with orange stained wooden doors and cabinetry.Picture 22

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