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Minimalist House By Takayoshi Nagaishi

Categories: Architecture + Interiors


What can you fit into roughly 260 square feet?  Not much larger than a 10×20 foot storage space.  How about a whole house located in Ichikawa Japan?  Already making a name for his innovative facades for luxury brand retailers, architect Takayoshi Nagaishi ventures into the residential.  His ultra minimalist style does not neglect design details, creative use of space, window placement, stairwell treatments, use of light and a touch of the unexpected in this multi-level structure.








To see more visit www.nagaar.com.

Now the big question … is there room for my furniture?

Have an infinitely modern day!

4 Comments to "Minimalist House By Takayoshi Nagaishi"

  1. Wow! That really is _minimal_!!

  2. Minimal? Yes. Wasted space? Perhaps. Those stairs and ladder seem much more of a focal point / hardship / potential hospital trip than functional design.

  3. Very artistic house design. The ladder would be safer if it was replaced by another spiral staircase. I can’t tell if that is glass railing or not, but if it isn’t then railing would be a good idea.

  4. I love this idea but for exposition only. I couldn’t live in such place. No light = depression. Claustrophobic bathroom. I would feel like in “Cube” movie. Good try.
    Thank you for the post.

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