Heatwave by Jaga

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I'm really liking the talents of Jaga, the radiator factory in Belgium. They have some very fun, modern and artistic radiators. I personally like the Heatwave but the have so many more styles to choose from

This gorgeous
bas-relief hangs on your wall like a work of art, drawing all eyes to
Heatwave by Joris Laarman and Jaga pushes the boundaries of comfortable
heating. This
intriguing modular heating system is the first to unite the fine
details of craftsmanship with industrial efficiency. The result is an
expressive design with a maximum amount of surface to release warmth.

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Picture 21

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  1. Nancy

    Feb 14, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Actually I met somebody who did an internship with Laarman, and he claimed the design fails on the basic engineering principals, as maximum surface area does no necessary equate to maximum efficiency. The sustainability angle is something he made up to pass the Design Academy, while he was still a student. It’s still very beautiful though.

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