Conversation Chair

Modern Decor

This looks more like installation art than an actual piece of
furniture, but if you're going for that "contemporary art museum" look,
great.  This would probably look fantastic in your rock garden.


The Conversation Chair
is one of the first furniture pieces that got Ana Linares started with
her design studio after being selected for exhibition at 100%Design
London.  Inspired by the old Victorian courting chair, this simple
two-seater enables two people to sit facing each other comfortably,
which promotes conversation and eye contact. Through the exploration of
materials and processes, Ana approached the metal as a material of
great strength and perfect flexibility. The results came from, folding,
flexing, cutting and bending small pieces of cardboard until the form
was born.

Designed for interior and exterior use. 28”h x 36”w x 24”d

Conversation Chair by Ana Linares Design: $4800

I really quite like this design, I swear!  Specifically, I like that it
appears to have been formed from one single sheet of metal, which gives
it an abstract interest.  The Conversation Chair really is a
conversation piece itself!  Though, it seems better suited to
commercial/public use rather than residential.  Thoughts?

Be sure to check out the rest of Ana's industrial design portfolio!

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