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Camilla Meijer I love this designer because of her Scandinavian and European touch in her patterns and colors. I find the bright colors very Scandinavian and along with the big flowered patterns which are more British and French inspired, a fresh and beautiful combination. Her patterns give your home sunshine; which is very important for us Scandinavians who live in darkness during winter time (the sun comes up at 9 AM and goes down at 3 PM).

Camilla Meijer is a Swedish born London-based pattern designer who is inspired by nature and amazed by the way plants and flowers find a way to flourish in enormous urban settings. She specializes in textiles and wallpaper. 

Camilla has won the “New Designers One Year On Award” at New Designers Show in Islington, London, 2007. It’s definitely worth checking out her patterns and textiles.



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  1. John - la decor artiste

    Mar 2, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    I love the detail within the flowers! I could definitely seeing using the bold colors in one of the LA homes that I’m doing work for. It would definitely compliment many of the custom built wood pieces that the owner already has. Glad I stumbled here.

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