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Scandinavian kitchens stand for functionality, good design and in general, light colors. Today the king of affordable home design from Sweden (starts with I…) internationalized great Scandinavian design.

Traditionally, Swedish style is synonymous with pale, light and airy colors. Because these types of colors reflect natural light, the rooms are lighter and friendlier. With extremely dark and harsh Swedish winters, homes incorporate as many lighter colors as possible.

But sometimes you have turn this upside down. Modern (or retro-modern) kitchen have sleek lines, blended in functionality, and bold colors.

As one example, I love the kitchens made by the Danish kitchen designer, HTH. These kitchens come from Jylland in Denmark, a very entrepreneurial place. The HTH kitchens have more color than traditional Scandinavian kitchens. You can read a detailed article here but put it in Google Translator to get it in English.

Below are two of my favorite styles from the designer:


Below, another great use of bold colors.  Pink is in!


Similarities between these kitchens:

1.  Well defined lines – A common feature in modern homes.

2. Blended in functionality – The doorknobs blend in, the fridge even blends in, the dishwasher is hidden behind…well you try to find it.

3. Bold colors – The mix of modern and retro (in Sweden, being bold) means strong colors and the use of black. As mentioned, these kitchens fly in the face of traditional “white kitchen designs” and push the boundary of beautiful Scandinavian design.

4. Simplicity – Of course these are pro shot photos so the clutter is cleaned up. BUT, you will notice that everything is cleaned up. Scandinavians wants as little clutter as possible. The accepted pieces of decoration are: candles (to provide light), high standing lamps (to provide light), and vases with flowers (to reflect light).

5. Reflective material – You can see in a couple of the photos that small, bright tiles are placed to reflect light onto the black/dark surfaces. In the black and pink kitchen, the pink wall is lit with ceiling lamps and has a glass top.

Scandinavian kitchen design is simplicity with function, going bold with colors, and reflecting light. Ahh, we can make brightness out of dark colors!

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