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Beyond The Hot Plate

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects


If anyone has ever picked up a silver spoon while it was sitting in your hot cup of tea you may have wondered why you did not use a pot holder.   Silver conducts heat (and cold by the way). What a brilliant idea to use it on a cook top.  Maurizio Maiorana is just that brilliant.  Yes…not an ordinary hotplate but updated and modern.  One that is flexible and actually cooks.   What makes the Cooka stovetop so portable is the Liquid Silicon Rubber that surrounds the heating plates that can take temperatures up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit.  





You can even almost fold it up and take it with you or store it when you need counter space.  To me it looks like a table mat version of a very large fried egg but that might be just your style and get you in the mood for some food.  Fortunately you can just plug it in and start cooking.  Anyone hungry?

Happy 2010!

Have an infinitely modern day!

2 Comments to "Beyond The Hot Plate"

  1. This makes me want to cook, and I don’t!

  2. This almost makes me want to move back to a dorm. Very cute!
    Wonder how practical/long-lasting?

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