barbie hawks for the bologna motor show.

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I don't even own a car, but suffice to say I'm more than familiar with the car culture because I grew up in a family obsessed with cars. My father restores antique sports cars, my uncle races Porsches, and I've been attending auto shows since the age of five.

At most auto shows, there are always requisite "models" (in the loosest sense of the word) who seductively traipse about the rotating platforms promoting the hottest car of a given brand while men stand and ogle — at the car, not the girl (remember these are car guys).

Playing off of this cultural meme, the Bologna Motor Show, spearheaded by Italy's No. 1 ad agency Armando Testa, took a tongue-in-cheek approach to its ad campaign for this past December's annual auto show, using barbies in place of models.



Pretty smart, right? And check out the sets. Each ad takes place within
a home (notice the slippers on the bath mat in the first ad or the toys
in the background of the second ad?). I love it! Hopefully the barbies will make an encore appearance next year, they're more tasteful than the "models" anyway.

Peeped at The Cool Hunter.

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