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Ace Hotel lobby, NYC


Ace Hotel Lobby, NYC (facing the Breslin)


photos and artwork by us

We recently had the pleasure of staying at Ace Hotel NYC

For anyone with an ability to imagine, the lobby invited a sense of fantasy, like a movie set, with dark paneled walls and old books, animal skin rugs draped on large comfortable sofas, a vitrine full of snarling taxidermied badgers, very Victorian in sensibility. A quick scan of the dimly lit bookshelves revealed an eclectic selection, obviously not pre-meditated or was it? With titles ranging from "The Vampire Armand" to "Techniques for Guidance", "The Hit Charade" and something "Mythology". 

We found the tartan wing chairs, which were upholstered in an eclectic pseudo red tartan with an X across their backs and backed in black velour with brass upholstery tacks holding the fabric in place, an inviting place to have morning cafe au lait and croissants from Stumptown coffee, which was ever so conveniently and pleasantly located 15 ft. to our left through a very pleasing to look at door.

The evenings were candle lit and supplied with DJ choreographed music, with occasional performances (whether you liked it or not) by doormen and other hotel staff, sort of like a large eccentric and quasi-talented family gathering.

If a desire to escape the vibes in the lobby was to your liking a quick duck into the immediately adjacent darkly lit and tartan clad, with black lacquer walls, Breslin Restaurant, for a lamb burger with cumin mayonnaise and thrice-cooked fries, was also a stone throws away as an option.

A quick note on the art available for viewing would range from the slightly tattered vertical unframed painting of a highland stag near the bar to text art obviously too high for convenient notice stating "This Artwork Temporarily Out of Order" with graffiti art plastering the curving stairways to the upper floors and various cards and posted sayings available such as "Life is a Gift" at the front desk to "Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong" posted in the elevator near the operator buttons. Even the wooden coat hangers bothered to mention that I looked good in this.

When an escape from the activities of the lobby became necessary a quick ride up on one of the two elevators took us to our room where we entered through a heavy and brushed stainless steel door, somewhat vault like. Inside the room was comfortable and minimal with black carpeting, taupes and creams finished the color palette, even a trendy black SMEG refridgerator acted as the mini bar full of goodies ranging from Birch Beer to Veuve Clicquot Champagne and Jack Daniels Whiskey. The bed was large and comfortable, I believe ours was the cheap Queen, with the word cheap being totally subjective and measured by ones previous experiences, we didn't find it cheap and even liked the grey plaid Pendleton blanket across its foot. Various eclectic lighting fixtures filled the room all with dimmer switches to create any mood desired, short of full broadway stage lighting.

The bathroom, which was entered through a door with full glass window, was pleasant in cream and grey porcelain and tile with brass fixtures, heavy white linens and Ace's own brand of soaps and toiletries complimented the space, which included a tiny black marble soap on a rope for hand washing by the sink. 

So much more could be said regarding our stay, all I think positive, from the beginning tour of available rooms by the Concierge to our regretful check out, our time at this created otherworld called Ace will be on our list of must returns. Like the old hotels of New York's past, if one desired the space could never be left, ie Breslin restaurant, Stumptown coffee, evening lobby entertainment, a full respite from the world outside could be enjoyed.

Tom and Jamie


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