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Wearable Fiber Jewelry

Categories: Art + Graphics, Fashion + Trends, Modern Decor + Objects


Cielo Pessione is not only a talented an accomplished artist,
her passion for textile art translates into jewelry, woven jewelry.   Says Cielo, "Since 1983 I have been involved in the work
of being a designer and fiber arts artist, completing textile installations and
scenographic sets, creating wearable objects for fashion shows and
collaborating with artists, costume makers from theater, television and the





Mixing vintage fabrics and other fun combinations may
include cotton, polyester, hedgehog quills, with  wood, silk, acrylic organza,
paillettes and ink.  Designs touch on a
tribal feel with a sophisticated modern flare. 
You must try these on to truly appreciate how they work with the
body.   They work great with  sleek
clothing. I especially like the designs that are close to the neck. 



These echo the fashionable trend of
layering chains, however these are made of cotton, vintage fabrics, lurex, metallic threads and
ink.  They also keep you warm so a great
alternative to a scarf. 

See more at Cielo Pessione  

Welcome to Los Angeles Cielo. 

Have an infinitely modern Holiday!

2 Comments to "Wearable Fiber Jewelry"

  1. congratulations to cielo! her work is so beautiful and compelling.

  2. I love the neck pieces. I am a major fan of scarves, so yes they are a great alternative.

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