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As pretty as a linen table cloth can be, it is quite hard to keep it clean and looking fresh. So, it`s very common (at least in Brazil) using plastic table cloths: not only they`re cheap (around R$7,00 per meter,what would be something like U$4,00) but also functional and can last for many many months. The thing is, most of these products are not very beautiful. So, once again, Marcelo Rosenbaum saved us all: he designed 3 different patterns (each one with 4 different colour combinations) for Cipatex. The designs were inspired in Brazilian elements, like "cocada" (a pastry made with coconut) and "pau brasil" ( a native wood which first caught the attention of the Portuguese whrn they arrived in Brazil).

Oh, and they can be used outside as well!

Well, less talk and more images please!!




And, to celebrate the huge success of the collection, the designer transformed the "fabric" into lovely bags (well, yo can do it yourself, right?)




 all the images were taken from Cipatex and Rosenbaum`s website

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