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In our world of more more more and 'the next big thing' the few things that survive this sense of not enough and 'I only want it if it's new' are truly worth mentioning. One of these simple and timeless items that will still be around when we are all buried in plastic water bottles is the Rapha Winter Wool Cycling Cap . Minimalism and functionality are it's most notable hallmarks. It keeps your head warm and dry while at the same time, due to it's simple and clean lines, looks incredibly beautiful and stylish in all it's glorious simplicity. Choosing black makes a completely minimal statement and for those that want to flash names (and Rapha is truly a name worth flashing if there is one) it is also available in grey and black with Rapha in script embroidered in red on the front. It's style and function are timeless and will still be chic when we are all hovering above the earth in our electronic commuter modules. Vive la simplicite!

Tom and Jamie

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