Hopenhagen gears up to highlight Climate Conference with pedal-powered Christmas tree

Environmental organization Hopenhagen has set up an alternative means of powering the traditional Christmas tree in Copenhagen's City Hall Square, by means of series of bicycles hooked up via generator equipment to its festive lights.

Cycling and Copenhagen go hand-in-hand, people are very environmentally concious. A third of the population rides bikes around the city, many with grocery bags or small children in tow.

Danish Biomega represents a paradigm shift in the way bicycles are conceived. They were the first company to view the bicycle as a lush piece of design and we love them for it – and their night glow frames!

6eb87cf1-ace7-4b6a-9ba2-4a71b6c5e8b7Biomega Biolove Bamboo Bike is handmade in Denmark www.biomega.dk


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