Emergency Terminal, Zagreb, Croatia, by Produkcija 004

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This project of Produkcija 004’s architectural team from Zagreb, headed by Davor Katušic, won first prize in the local 2004 public architecture competition.
This multi-purpose building at the intersection of Heinzelova and Radnicka Streets easily measures up to the high criteria of contemporary architecture.


The institution, approximately 14,000 m2 in surface area, can serve 2 million citizens. The 8-story facility includes a reception and telecommunications services, resuscitation clinic, in-patient clinic, Zagreb City’s medical supply storage, a lecture hall and
classrooms, administration services, technical services and multi-story garage accommodating 170 medical vehicles.


Through a combination of architectural genres (hospital, clinic, garage, administrative and educational buildings) the Emergency terminal becomes a new urban sign of safety, competence and speed.
The steel skeletal construction with supported ceiling plates meets the architectural demands of lightness and spatial variability. An effective and rational solution for the large surface of the façade is the membrane net structure.
The translucent character of the material (precontraint, used for the first time here to this extent and for this purpose) contributes to the varying perception of the building during the day versus during the night.


In the daylight the terminal dominates with its volume and attracts with the clarity and medical sterility of its white colour. When lit up at night the membrane façade turns the entire house into a large, white Chinese lantern –the white cube becomes an illuminated landmark.
The construction was completed in April of 2009. The building was also awarded first prize in the Civic & Community category at the World Architecture Festival 2009.


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