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I recently experienced my 15 minutes of internet fame with these  pac–man-esque rings that I made, but received loads of flack via comments on various websites about how disgusting my thumb was.

What's coincidental is that just a few days before the whole "dirty thumb" debacle, I put out a call on my blog asking for artists to send me photos of their hard worked hands. I only got a few, and am still looking for more. Here are some I received, and a few more I found on the internet. I like to call the wee series, "By Our Hands We Live."

My lovely hands.
Wool dyer extraordinaire, Gail Callahan's hands


which produce wools like this:


Hands belonging to a pastel artist I found on Flickr.

A printmaker's hands, via Flickr.

And lastly, a very cool poster  by  Roland Tiangco, that you can only make visible by rubbing inky hands over. Via Printeresting.

See some more at my blog, and send me pictures of your hands!

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