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Modern Decor

Lighting is often overlooked as a
way to create a space and develop its’ identity.  CP Lighting offers some new ideas for
this.  The delicate and organic quality
of their NewGrowth fixture successfully articulates a space without consuming
it, offering a truly unique quality.  The
minimalist detail re-claims the empty space above, bring it back into the room
and making an occasion of the space below.  

The NewGrowth series is is a bit of green design, being made from post-consumer/post-industerial aluminum pipe and tubing sourced from local scrap yards.  Video of the making of one of the fixtures.  One of the fixtures will be on display at the Milwaukee Art Museum's show "Green Furniture" up thru March. 

091219-CP Lighting-1 

The shades in his Tonic Pendants are made from post-consumer
acrylic that he recycles in-house and dyes through a proprietary process.  The fixtures have a quiet, casual quality to
them and highlight a great spot for a cup of coffee! 

091219-CP Lighting-3

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