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We just received Wired's December issue, which includes a handy gift list highlighting 100 choice selections for the gadget-obsessed person in your life. I love gift giving and always wholeheartedly chose something special for everyone on my list. Here are a few nifty neato things that caught my eye:

No. 1: Dyson's Air Multiplier Fan

Using Dyson's Air Mulitplier technology, this fan from the future produces an uninterrupted stream of air sans blade and grill and is easy to clean.


No. 2: Best Made Axes

According to Wired, after laying your eyes on a Best Made Axe all objects may succumb to kindling. Each axe is made to order — handcrafted and handpainted to your specifications.

No. 3: SuperHeadz Plamodel Camera 

SuperHeadz consistently produces the coolest novelty cameras. In this case, the DIY Plamodel arrives "model-airplane style" in plastic sheets, just snap apart, assemble, and then enjoy the grainy photos produced without using digital techonology on "gasp" film!


No. 4: Casa Bugatti Vera Electric Kettle

Sure Bugatti makes cars most people will never be able to afford, but that doesn't mean you can't outfit your home with its products. This sleek electric kettle has an LED screen on the handle that alerts you when your water reaches its desired temperature. And for $300, it's a lot less burdensome on your wallet.


No. 5: Gaudí Stool 

Bram Geenen's carbon fiber stool has such an intricate design that only a 3D printer can translate it for production, and its price tag is equally as impressive. $5, 700 will buy you Geenen's stool, modeled after Gaudí's unfinished La Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona.


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