The Ex

Modern Decor

Coming from the design studio of Raffaele Ianello Italian product designer and jokingly called The Ex, part of Rafaele’s Voodoo collection knife holders which comes in red, chrome, and even pink. 

Not only a conversation piece it is indeed a practical.   The super-sharp, Molybdenum and Vanadium stainless steel knives are high quality and keep their edge.



Fixed plastic sleeves protect the knives, held in place by magnets to avoid unintended ejection. Small plastic suckers on the base of the holder provide an added layer of safety. The Ex comes with five knives: bread, carver/slicer, chef, utility and paring.  


Or alternatively try the Five Finger Fillet.   Seems perfect for carving that Turkey dinner.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Ex can be found at A+R

Have an infinitely modern day!

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