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Lovejoy Pendant Lights

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

These porcelain pendant lights are absolutely gorgeous!  Created by Pigeon Toe Ceramics in collaboration with Fix Studio, each light is hand thrown on a wheel and then manipulated to create the organic shapes you see here. 

These lights were originally designed for Portland-based Lovejoy Bakery and take inspiration from mixing bowls and bread dough.  Fortunately for you, they are now available for purchase through Fix Studio's Etsy shop!

Lovejoy Pendant Lights: $245 – $265

P.S.  Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. readers!  Enjoy your holiday and I'll see you next week after I've come out of my turkey-induced coma.

One Comment to "Lovejoy Pendant Lights"

  1. This is kind of nice and warm piece of light; I’d like to have one in a wooden ambiance.

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