Coca-cola wants to be green (but, without any color)


This is the new packaging of Coca-Cola.  A can without any color, just the aluminum shine of the can.  The letters and logo are stamped directly on the metal.  So this packaging is just 100% aluminum, 100% recyclable.

Let's say the truth… this is just a concept, is not real yet.  An idea by Harc Lee.  Ok, let's say the truth again… other cans with colored labels, also are 100% recyclable, but without any color it's less contaminating the process of create a new Coca-Cola for you. 

I think is a very good idea.  Specially, because the logo of this famous drink, it's so well known in the whole world, that it doesn't really need any color.

Hey… don't forget to recycle your cans!!! ;)

Via TheDieline.


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  1. Anni

    Nov 12, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    Plus it is really beautiful!
    I’d love to have that can in my fridge.

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