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Graft Lab are the creators of this amazing spider like complex in Dubai known as the Vertical Village. A reseidential, hotel and entertainment development that harnesses the most powerful renewable energy source in the desert, the sun. This multi-use building and accompanying
massive array of solar collectors was designed to work smarter, not
harder, and is expected to earn it a LEED Gold certification when it
is completed.

The solar roof behaves much like a leaf, with veins that break the solar field up into serviceable units to provide structure but also transport energy, in this case hot water, back into the building where the energy is used to significantly reduce air conditioning consumption and provide hot water.

Aside from its energy- harvesting
features, the Vertical Village is also quite breathtaking.
The way that the buildings have been sliced and tilted gives each one a
unique, futuristic look. Beneath the roof lies an urban scale entertainment district of cinemas, restaurants, shops and a theater.

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  1. Interior Designer

    Oct 12, 2009 at 1:37 am

    Amazing Stuff…its too difficult to describe it in words..

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