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In my
first blog I wanted to capture the essence of Scandinavian Lifestyle. Being
Danish a lot of things are taken for granted – including health care
so I got help from an American to take a look at our way of living.

During her first trip to
Copenhagen, Denmark, Oprah is invited inside the Holscher family's home. Watch
as she tours the organized kitchen, bright living space and small kids'
bedroom. Why Danish people prefer to live simply in small spaces. 


So what makes the Danes so happy? Maybe it all just comes down to simple Danish Design…

Clean Kubus 4 

The only accessory in the house is the Kubus candleholder and even though it was designed in 1962 it is displayed in most Danish homes today. Mogens Lassen was a pioneer of Danish functionalism – the architectural expression "Form follows function" – where simplicity and functionality is highly prioritized. Mogens Lassen was ahead of his time when he designed the Kubus as a reaction to all the over-ornate and convoluted types prevalent at the time. 

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