Sculpture By James Hill

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California native James Hill earned his degree in Fine Art from the
University of California, Santa Cruz in 1987. For over 20 years James Hill has
masterfully fashioned and fused metal in service to his
artistic vision, transforming the coolness of these materials into “living”
dynamic forms. His sculptures have been described as “a celebration of optimism
that unite the elegance of the organic form with the structure of the modern

Jameshill_venus10212009     Jameshill_genevieve10212009

His work reveals the essence of the figure and relationship between
forms using positive and negative space in a minimal expression.  Somewhat reminiscent of Picasso's minimalistic line drawings.  Shapes are subtle curves and strong angles
speaking to both male and female characteristics.  His love of steel, stainless steel and bronze
are apparent.  The materials are enduring.  His work contemporary and timeless.




His creations range from public works and
private commissions to wall art, to tabletop centerpieces, to functional art
furnishings.   See Hill's work at www.jameshill.com.

Have an infinitely modern day!

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