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I realize that I recently posted about a modern dog bed, and I swear I'm not trying to become a dog-centric writer, but I just had to share my latest obsession, which consequently, happens to be about dogs. I've been looking for a tasteful leather collar for our new pup and keep coming up short, everything either looks too cheap, too expensive, or too flashy. Is it really that impossible to make a nicely designed dog collar that's not adorned with Vineyard Vines-like ribbon or synthetic? Apparently so.
Save for Mungo and Maud Dog and Cat Outfitters, which seems to recognize the lack of class and style in the selection available to pet owners. Its merchandise is truly beautiful (and unfortunately quite pricey and located in London, not helpful for this Bostonian). I would LOVE our pup to don its gray canvas and leather collar and lead, eat from a modern Inu Bone dog bowl, and play with a fleecy lamb (which I discovered at Polka Dog Bakery in Boston the other day — mental note: Must pick one up for dog.). And maybe someday, like after Christmas (hint, hint), he will.

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  1. keith b

    Oct 21, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    Try holly and lill’s in the uk.
    The cowhide collars are great and fashionable for a discerning dog – they look better in person than online. Perhaps look at the photo examples to get a better sense.

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