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How to storage your wine (when you haven’t enough space)?

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, DIY + How To, Modern Decor + Objects

Here is the answer:


Wow… I'd never imagine this solution before.  But is so creative, beautiful and practical, that is impossible to not share it with you.  The responsible people of this underground spiral stairs and wine storage place are Spiralcellars, from UK.  They says in theirs webpage that a project like this will be ready on five or seven days.

What do you think about it?  I think is perfect to play to hide our selves too :)

Via Roc21.

3 Comments to "How to storage your wine (when you haven’t enough space)?"

  1. that is ingenious! I particularly love the second one…

  2. I like your underground wine store specially second one . It is is so creative and beautiful idea.

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