Digital Art and the Mysteries of Science

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Picture 2
Global Wave by George Steuer
Digital Technology has created powerful tools for imaging the invisible world beyond our senses:  from the very large things- such as a galaxy to the very small things- such as an electron.  But the nature of this digital imaging technology influences both the way scientists think, as it allows them to visualize levels of complexity that were unthinkable using analog tools.

The same digital technology is also employed by artists who also investigate the same invisible worlds of complexity, but from a purely aesthetic perspective.  

This is the premise for the new exhibition Digital '09:  Mysteries in Science  at the New York Hall of Science from October 3 2009 until January 31st of 2010. Artists present computer generated images (including the authors) that were inspired by science as large prints in the exhibit hall and digital images on-line.  The exhibition was organized by the group Art and Science Collaborations (ASCI) which works to foster projects where art and science intersect.  If the collision of art and science interests you then dig into the organizations web site for links to specific artists, projects, and institutions.  

Picture 1   
Sonic Refraction by Frederik de Wilde 


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