Aniline Dyes

Architecture & Interiors

These brightly
colored, whimsical kitchens by Lou Ann Bauer have been a long favorite of mine.  Wake up early in the morning and who needs
coffee!  The textures, colors and
materials are fantastic, full of energy and really come to life in the natural

     The bright colors of the
cabinets are developed using aniline dyes, a method of coloring wood without
the use of stains.  Some of the outstanding
qualities of dyes are the bright colors and the natural wood grain that is
brought out by the process.  Aniline dye starts
as a light powder (non-toxic) and uses alcohol or water as a solvent.  Unlike stains, dye sinks into the wood without
filling the grain, highlighting the natural character of the wood. 

     Bright colors
without paint catch your eye and are a terrific way to develop a space. 




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