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Like all good sci-fi movies, aliens are inspired by super-sized sea creatures or insects.  Some of Alienology’s   lamps could be interpreted as such with long flowing tendrils.  However it has a more practical use other than dominating humanity.  In fact they are eco-friendly, energy efficient, well thought out with a touch of retro thrown in.  




Alienology’s intriguing forms are an exploration of using modern manufacturing method (laser-cutting) and attempting to minimize the material waste by optimizing the design pattern.  The lamps were designed from the start to be shipped flat-pack and assembled by the final user (doable in about 15 minutes).  It is made out of nesting set of curvy ribs perfectly interlocking on a flat sheet.  Lamp simply slots together. No glue or any fasteners are needed.


The Spore Lamp  is made out of Birch Plywood., and it can be assembled in about 10 – 15 minutes.


The Bloom Pendant lamp is also available in acrylic

Now, that is an alien I can live with.   Available through Ponoko.

Have an infinitely modern day!

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