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Most likely…if you are reading, this you are a designer of one sort or another…if not, you are at least design-minded. I can not tell you how many conversations I have had with designers who are frustrated, burnt out, weary, tired, uninspired and otherwise on the verge of giving up in this economy. Resources are limited, clients are overly conscious of budgets, jobs are scarce and… 

"It's tough out there. So many huge problems in the world, so much noise, so hard to know what to do and where to begin. All of which means—it's a great time to be a designer."

In comes the Glimmer Manifesto. Think of it as your first
sip from the fountain of designer-immortality. The fire under your feet. As
designers (and, honestly, just as contributing members of society…) it is our
job to create transformation within the world, to improve it…for everyone.
This holds true in the toughest conditions even more so. I stumbled across
Creativity's write up on the book earlier this morning and I am definitely
adding this to my next Amazon shipment! Click here to read the write up.


Warren Berger is the author of Glimmer and the editor of the
blog GlimmerSite.com

Its another awesome source of inspiration and I highly
recommend checking it out!

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