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Fall is starting to ease it's way into my area these days and the temperature and weather are as unpredictable as ever. I think it's time to invest in the WoodStation… a sleek, wooden block with a LED display that projects all the information you need to get out of bed and start your day.

What better way to get information about nature's rhythms (time and
weather) than from a piece of wood. This sounds entirely logical to us.
The WoodStation is a skillful blend of natural materials and display
technology. The body of the WoodStation is made from wood and located
inside is a clever LED display that mysteriously projects through the
When you get close to the Woodstation, a motion sensor will detect your
presence and turn on the display. When turned off, it looks like a
modern wooden sculpture.

The display will indicate the indoor temperature and humidity, as
well as the time and date. WoodStation will also show one of five
weather icons (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy or stormy). An alarm
is also included, with snooze – perfect for those cold and rainy days
where getting out of bed just seems like a bad idea.


You can grab one here.


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