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The Great Entertainers

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

These sterling silver creations inspire me to pull out the linen and yes indeed let them eat cake!  Gorgeous hand crafted silver cake servers, spoons, tongs, stirrers and more.   Janet Torelli conjures up images of cocktail and dinner parties my parents used to have with all the wonderful accoutrements.   Do you remember the pickle fork, the cocktail stirrer, candy tongs, or the sugar spoon that was just the right size?  There is something to be said for ritual.  In our busy lifestyles maybe a little more attention and appreciation of the art of entertaining is a good thing.   Put down those cell phones, enjoy some real live conversation and oh yes, martinis anyone?


Arrow Tart Server


Bubble Server


Ginkgo Spoon


Laurel Tongs


Him & Her Martini Picks


Window Martini Picks

Have an infinitely modern day!

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