Portland, OR Soap Box Derby

Art & Design

Every year since 2001, The Portland Adult Soap Box Derby hits the streets of Mt. Tabor with all sorts of cool, slick and off the wall box cars racing for the finish line. It's a good time had by all!

"It is our drive towards success of our ongoing experiment to stay
young, yet not so young. Practicing safety with speed, ingenuity with
science and creative tenacity in art of building and racing Adult
Soapbox Cars. With a bit of luck, hard work and communication with all
parties we will persevere. "We thank our beloved Volcano for allowing
us to tickle her back."

This year's Winner for Best Engineering was Twin Barrels Burning by Charley Wheelock. Although not that fastest box on the road, it sure was creative!

"we put disc brakes on wine barrels with
a '57 Ford F100 drop axle for a frame and rode them down a mountain."

Mr. Wheelock also runs Kapow Design, specializing in modern contract furniture design, tradeshow booths, children's furniture, environments, design/manufacturing consultation, and of course, any interesting projects.

You can see more pictures of the The Twins here


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