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Some have made Lord of the Rings references in regard to the award winning designs of Studio SHIFT‘s ultra- modern tower rising out to the Anning River’s edge.  It is neither myth nor “Minas Tirith”.  The Miyi Tower, developed in the form, and function of a highly sophisticated multi-use project for the New South Town of Miyi County in Sichuan Province, was chosen as its cultural centerpiece.  Together Studio SHIFT and SWA Group are creating a master plan for the developing area.  This Miyi County landmark denotes the transition between the new development to the north and the new wetlands, leisure and agricultural districts to the south with its impressive kilometer long promenade.  


The multi-use cultural center piece incorporates an auditorium, exhibition spaces and restaurants featuring local cuisine can be found on the interior while open-air floors are used as event spaces, gardens and an observation deck.


The designers were intent on utilizing natural and mechanical means of filtration to produce clean water, converting a highly polluted river into a usable amenity for residents and visitors. This new amenity takes the form of a series of lakes, wetlands and waterways which lend form to the new districts in the master plan.

Miya-tower-by-studioshiftpr.9909 Miya-tower-by-studio-shift.9909

Very cognizant of the changing light conditions throughout the day, Studio SHIFT's design takes advantage of the natural elements by not enclosing all of the spaces and alternating heights of the interiors.  The “skin” thereby brings and reflects light into the spaces.  It seems to echo the shimmer of the river as well as a be a graphical representation of rain in sunshine.


Congratulations! And I for one look forward to seeing it in real life.

Have an infinitely modern day!


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  1. Sim Sadler

    Sep 10, 2009 at 5:22 am

    Wow. Love the use of dappled and reflected light.

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