What if a building could dream?

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What if a building could dream?  This is the idea that animates 555 Kubik by URBANSCREEN.   555 Kubik is a giant projection that moves across the stoic facade of architect O.M. Unger's "Galerie der Gegenwart" in Hamburg, Germany.

The projection activates the minimalist, and mostly windowless facade of the building by superimposing its own dynamic virtual fenestration.  In this projected facade, the stone cladding grid, flips like leaves revealing windows that appear and reappear. Its hard not to believe it is the facade itself that is morphing, but its just a brilliant filmed projection.  

At the same time it implies a critique of the building's minimalist design which seems to take itself rather seriously with its black and white color palette and relentless grids.  But its hard to take a building too seriously when giant pink hands are fluttering across its facade, flipping cladding tiles like dominos.

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